Diary of Deloved Wife 2006 DVDRip

Download / Watch Online Streaming Film Semi Jepang (Japan) Hot 18+ Full Movie Diary of Deloved Wife 2006 DVDRip (Synopsis Reviiew) Oda is a cowardly and boring man, his only redeeming feature being his diligence. He continues to live with his wife, Ayane, but they can’t seem to produce children and are troubled as to whether their relationship will survive. One evening Oda returns home to find a pair of blue toy handcuffs hanging on the doorknocker. Using them, Oda humiliates Ayane. Although bewildered at first, Ayane begins to respond, and Oda becomes increasing excited as he sexually assaults her. In truth, the blue handcuffs were Ayane’s contrivance. There was a time in the past when she used to reach climax

Title : Diary of Deloved Wife: Diary of Deloved Wife 2006

Directed by: –

Stars: –

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan| Imdb Info | DVDRip


Diary of Deloved Wife 2006 DVDRip


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