Innocent Thing (Thorn) 2014 HDRip 720p

Download / Watch Online Streaming Korean Drama Romance Thriller Hot Movie Full HD Film Innocent Thing (Thorn) 2014 HDRip 720p (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: During swimming class, a student named Young-Eun (Jo Bo-Ah) climbs up to the highest diving platform and jumps into the swimming pool. Joon-Ki jumps into the water and saves her. Days later, Joon-Ki is leaving school on a rainy late afternoon and runs into Young-Eun who is completely drenched. Joon-Ki takes Young-Eun back into school to change clothes. They spend time together in a classroom, with Young-Eun behaving in an flirtatious manner. Soon, Joon-Ki’s marriage to Seo-Yeon is threatened.

Joon-Ki (Jang Hyuk) is a popular P.E. teacher at a girl’s high school. He is married to Seo-Yeon (Sun Woo-Sun) who is expecting their first child imminently.

Title : Innocent Thing (Thorn) / 가시
Director : Kim Tae-Gyun
Cast : Jang Hyuk, Jo Bo-Ah, Sun Woo-Sun
Genre : Drama / Romantic / Thriller
Country : South Korea | HDRip 720p
Language : Korean
Release Date : 10 April 2014
Runtime : 117 min



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