Irokoishi Roaming Hokaido 2008 DVDRip J-Movie

Download / Watch Online Streaming Japanese Adult Erotic Hot 18+ Movie Full HD Film Semi Irokoishi Roaming Hokaido 2008 DVDRip J-Movie (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: The story involves about a ronin who travels from country to country to seek pleasure and love. In his arrival in Tokyo, he was assigned to resucue a prostitute and he must combat an old villian who has the power to increase the size of his penis. Even though the chosen one is not ready to combat this pervert bastared. He went to his old master to train and increase his penis size and his sexual powers. Can the ronin accomplish his hardcore task and will he ever defeat the huge pervet and gain his trust and respect from the people of Tokyo? Another Enma’s Junk Entertaining Adult movie. Its all yours, Enjoy!!!!

Title: Irokoishi Roaming Hokaido / Love Master 3 / 艶恋師 放浪編 歌舞伎町 絶頂対決!!

Directed by: Yuji Tajiri

Stars: Akiho Yoshizawa, Chitose Maki, Ken’ichi Endô, Kentaro Nakakura, Misa Kikouden, Sana, Tetsuo Shoji

Realease: 2008 (Japan)

Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene

Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult, Action

Country: Japan | More Info | DVDRip



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