J-Movie Peng Chang 2008 DVDRip

Download / Tonton Online Streaming Film Jepang Hot Semi 18+ Full Movie J-Movie Peng Chang 2008 DVDRip (Sinopsis / Review) College student Nana loved to play Mahjong with her boyfriend Kazuya in Mahjong Gambling Club. One day they joined a Mahjong game with professional player Nishioka. Kazuya totally lost. He left nana and ran away. Nana agreed to give her body to Nishioka to pay the debt for Kazuya. But Nishioka did not take advantage of Nana. He only asked her to do housework for him. He admired her character and even passed his secret Mahjong technique to Nana to train her as a professional. Nana’s fate was thus changed by that single gambling game.

Title: Peng Chang

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English

Country: Japan | Dvdrip


Peng Chang 2008 nonfiktif screenshot

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