Love and Loathing (Namae no nai onna-tachi) 2010 DVDRip J-Movie

Download / Watch Online Streaming Japanese Comedy Erotic Hot 18+ Movie Full HD Film Semi Love and Loathing (Namae no nai onna-tachi) 2010 DVDRip J-Movie (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Wouldn’t it be fun if you could become someone else?!

Her hobbies are reading and taking a walk in the park. Junko, a 22-year-old office clerk who lives a dull life under her mother’s thumb, gets recruited by a scout on the streets of Shibuya. “Are you enjoying life? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could become someone else?”

On the set of an adult film—. The male actors and the sex were scary and shocking, but it was refreshing and new. When Junko, with her stage name of Lulu, puts on a blond wig and wears an otaku costume, she feels like she’s become someone else. Working on the same set is Ayano, a former motorcycle gang member who struggles to control her bouts of rage while allowing her boyfriend to leech off her. For Ayano, Lulu is annoying and naïve but she can’t stop herself from worrying about her.

When Lulu’s popularity increases, a fan starts stalking her, Junko’s co-workers at the company find out about her job as Lulu, and her agent plans to cast her in a gangbang film. A troubled Lulu finds herself walking to Ayano’s apartment… Then one day, a porn actress commits suicide. The harsh reality of the actresses that are dispensed once they lose popularity also hits Lulu. Lulu feels that she finally find a place she belongs to. But is it really the place she could be herself?

Title: Love and Loathing (Namae no nai onna-tachi)/ Lulu And Ayano / 名前のない女たち

Directed by: Hisayasu Sato

Stars: Norie Yasui, Mayu Sakuma, Hirofumi Arai

Realease: September 4, 2010  (Japan)

Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene

Genre: Drama, Erotic, Comedy

Country: Japan | More Info | DVDRip 720p


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