Motel Cactus (Motel Seoninjang) 1997 DVDRip K-Movie

Download / Watch Online Streaming Classic Korean Erotic Hot Adult Movie 18+ Full HD Film Semi Motel Cactus (Motel Seoninjang) 1997 DVDRip K-Movie 720p / 480p  (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: A film set almost completely in one room – Room 407 of Motel Cactus in Seoul. Divided into 4 episodes, Motel Cactus attempts to explore 4 stages and types of romantic relationships. In the first, a woman celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend but soon makes a disappointing discovery. Next, a couple of film school students are hoping to shoot an project assignment in the motel room. The third story revolves around a drunk couple who meet at a bar and arrive at the room before indulging themselves in a series of drunken games and revelry. Finally we have a couple trying to rekindle the romance they shared back in college.

Title: Motel Cactus – Motel Seoninjang

Directed by: Ki-yong Park

Stars: Hee-kyung Jin, Seung-Hyun Kim, Woo-sung Jung, Woong-soo Han

Realese Date: 25 Oct 1997 (South Korea)

Language: Korean | Subtitle: Subscene

Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic, Adult

Country: South Korea | More Info | DVDRip 720p



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