Power of Love 1993 DVDRip HK-Movie

Download / Watch Online Streaming Hongkong Classic Drama Erotic Hot 18+ Movie Full HD Film Semi Power of Love 1993 DVDRip HK-Movie (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Jane goes from rags to riches quickly. Working as a maid, she gets noticed by lecherous owner Soong who has a heart condition. She gives him a headjob and he dies shortly after, but in the meantime has changed his will. When the man’s son and his wife Lily find that half of Dad’s huge assets go to the maid, they are shocked and plan revenge. With Lily’s agreement, Soong Junior acquires the services of Gray, a voracious and bosomy female assassin. Meanwhile, Jane is convinced by boyfriend Tony Chin that she needs protection, so Tony hires a male assassin to go after Lily and Soong Junior. Jane foils Gray’s first attack, and Tony gives Gray a ride home, unaware she’s an assassin. Gray invites him in (all the way, of course). Meanwhile, Soong Jr succeeds in seducing Jane. The male assassin breaks in on Lily, but she seduces him instead. This, among other things, puts strains on the marriage. Soong Jr announces he is divorcing Lily and will marry Jane. But Gray is not entirely happy that Soong Jr is no longer giving her any horizontal refreshment. Worse, as an assassin, she must have no feelings, and is falling in love with Tony, who begs her not to kill Jane, even though she has just dumped him. An all-guns-blazing finale determines who’ll survive.

Title: Power of Love 1993 / 情不自禁之想入非非 /

Directed by: Simon Leung Chi-Wa

Stars: Julie Lee, Wai-Dik Chan, Wai-Lan Chan

Realease: 09/02/1993 Hongkong

Language: Mandarin / Cantonese | Subtitle: Subscene

Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult

Country: China / Hongkong | More Info | DVDRip 720p



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