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Download / Watch Online Streaming Korean Hot Erotic Drama Romance Movie Full HD FIlm Semi Steel Cold Winter 2013 HDRip 720p (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: 2013 meets the most painful love.
This boy is only allowed to him.
A hurtful boy meets a girl he wants to protect.
Yoon-soo (Kim Si-hoo) moves to a countryside village suffering from the trauma of his friend killing himself. He meets Hae-won (Kim Yoon-hye) who is skating on a frozen lake. He meets her again on thr first day of school and despite the creepy rumors, he falls for her and they start to love.
“Do you believe my rumors?”
One day the village is swept in rumors about Hae-won and her father. Yoon-soo witnesses something unbelieveable and sees her father die with his arms cut off. Yoon-soo is confused admist the cruel rumors about Hae-won but does soemthing undoable to protect his love with her…

Title: Steel Cold Winter / 소녀 (son-yeo)

Directed by: Choi Jin-seong (최진성)

Stars: Kim Si-hoo, Kim Yoon-hye

Genre: Drama. Romance, Erotic,

Language: Korean | Sub: Subscene

Country: South Korea | More Info | HDRip


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