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Download / Watch Online Streaming Chinese Action Horror Hot Movie Full HD Film Semi The Beauty Fox Spirit 2016 HDRip Chinese Movie (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: EThis fantasy theme of movie is mainly about for thousands of years and the demon living in the same world, with the continuous development of technology, the power of human beings to grasp more and more powerful, for the development and exploitation of nature has become more greedy , corresponding to the world of the demon slowly survival of human occupation, forced, part demon turned into a human form of life in the world, Zhang Tian 21st generation descendant of Leslie’s son to follow his father to learn Zhang Laoshan spells, fighting the devil in the ghost town, love and hate in the middle section of the occurrence of disputes. One of the play starring famous film and television actor, with “The enduring” the reputation of artist Niu teacher Vampire Killers played a master in the film, for the film contributed a pretty good acting. Superb acting cute Meng Bao Zi gully, Taiwan idol temperament Yen Tu Shi Min value (min), literary young woman Dong Ai (Ruo Adams) played fox beautiful and passionate, cunning charming image set from Willow lay Pu works “Strange”, inherited Chinese classical novels peak, with typical oriental fantasy passionate, than the love entanglements, by fox and man, man and nature coexist opposition, contradictory human world and the demon world of film to tell the subject, It shows a deep, exciting. It is understood that producer director Frankie Chan Zhai see steel sample given after the movie, give their assessment of the film is high, the most serious of the work have steel Zhai attitude director also praised Canada, hope to work together again, on the box office ratings and confident director Zhai steel has been non-stop to see King, began preparations for the film “fox Spirit,” the second part of the series.

Title: The Beauty Fox Spirit / The Beauty Demon Fox / 狐妖之美人狐

Directed by: –

Stars: dǎoyǎn, Dí gāng, lǐ dōng ài, Niú bēn, túshìmín

Realease: 2016 (China)

Language: Chinese / Mandarin | Subtitle: Subscene

Genre: Action, Erotic, Horror

Country: China | More Info | HDRip 720p



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