The Dark Corner 2016 HDRip

The Dark Corner 2016 nonfiktif Download / Watch Online Streming Chinese Erotic Hot Movie 18+ The Dark Corner 2016 HDRip 720p / 480p x264 Full HD Film. (Synopsis) Film Story: is about the protagonist Huaqing, Li Yu, a pair of former lover, because the fathers and lords of the rivers and lakes can only put down the former situation, in the unwilling to choose under their father’s legacy, want to put each other to death . But they do not blindly fight, but the spear directed at the common enemy crazy goose, for the first exception in the risk of internal problems, so they use each other to achieve each other’s purpose, they do not know, mantis cicadas, See Huaqing, Li Yu is about to reach each other’s purpose, they were the most trusted men – military division sold, hanging the line between the old lover had to choose desperate, but the military division to kill them Has already spread..

Title : The Dark Corner 2016 / 江湖水 / 鲤鱼Ⅱ

Directed by: –

Stars: Hong Junjia,  Yuan Baizi Hui, He Qiang

Encoder: @indomoviemania

Language: Mandarin | Subtitle : Subscene

Country: CHINA| Imdb Info | HDRip 720p / 480p


The Dark Corner 2016 nonfiktif screen

DOWNLOAD HERE HDRip 720p 550mb

DOWNLOAD HERE HDRip (Upfile) 720p 550mb

DOWNLOAD HERE HDRip 480p 390mb

DOWNLOAD HERE HDRip (Upfile) 480p 390mb


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